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Life Is Beautiful 2018 Lineup Predictions And Rumors

Feb. 24, 2018, 11:21 a.m.
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Life Is Beautiful's lineup for 2018 will be upon us soon, so let's have some fun speculating who could be there. Many summer tours have been announced so we can see who is busy during Life Is Beautiful's 2018 dates as well as who mysteriously has no date for Las Vegas on their tour. Here's some of the people we see in the running for Life Is Beautiful 2018.

Possible Life Is Beautiful 2018 Headliner: The Killers

The Killers are headlining a lot of festivals this year - Boston Calling, Firefly, Bonnaroo, etc. It seems like they are one of the standard headliners for festivals in 2018. Given this, and the fact that they are from Las Vegas they seem like a really good possibility for Life Is Beautiful 2018. Brandon Flowers played the festival solo in 2015, but for the full act they are definitely overdue to play their hometown festival.

Possible Life Is Beautiful 2018 Headliner: Eminem

I think Eminem is in the running to headline almost any music festival this year. Governors Ball, Boston Calling, Coachella, Bonnaroo and on and on - Em is definitely cashing in this year by playing a ton of music festivals. He has never headlined Life Is Beautiful so 2018 seems like a strong possibility. I still find it odd he hasn't released a full set of tour dates yet, which makes me think he is waiting for all of the music festivals to release their lineups.

Possible Life Is Beautiful 2018 Headliner: Florence + The Machine

Florence recently confirmed they will have a new album out late in the year. Given Life Is Beautiful 2018 is one of the last major music festivals of the year this gives me a slight hope she could be one of the Life Is Beautiful headliners in 2018. She has never headlined the festival, and it would give LIB one of the more unique headliner gets for the year if they were able to snag her. I'd say this one is more hopeful on my part than likely, but before she announced a new album I would of said no chance.

Possible Life Is Beautiful 2018 Headliner: Arctic Monkeys

I think everyone was a little surprised to see Arctic Monkeys on the 2018 Firefly poster. When they weren't on the Coachella or Bonnaroo poster I assumed they were just skipping US tours in 2018. However now that they are playing Firefly and are heavily rumored for Lollapalooza I think they could play Life Is Beautiful. They are playing a ton of European festivals in the summer but as of now they are open for Life Is Beautiful 2018's dates. This would be another awesome, unique get for LIB.

Sad Update: Based on Tour dates just released it now looks like Arctic Monkeys are out

Possible Life Is Beautiful 2018 Headliner: The Weeknd

Also heavily rumored for Lollapalooza and his tour dates are wide open for the entire year besides Coachella and Panorama. He also has never headline Life Is Beauriful so he is in the running. Allegedly he has new material coming this year so it would make sense if he was headlining more than just the two festivals.

Possible Life Is Beautiful 2018 Headliner: Janet Jackson

I'm not saying I want this to happen, but it makes me worried she's headlining a bunch of other festivals including Panorama, FYF and Outside Lands. I'd be fairly upset at this one but it's definitely in play based on how much parody there is in music festival lineups these days.

Possible Life Is Beautiful 2018 Headliner: Childish Gambino

I actually do think Childish Gambino is one of our headliners for Life Is Beautiful. He is on tour with shows on the 22nd and 23rd, which are two of the days for Life Is Beautiful 2018. However that second show is in Dallas (close enough to Vegas) and he is off on the 24th. This would be a great, rare get for Life Is Beautiful, and they do tend to go off the board a bit. I could be wrong but I am guessing Childish Gambino will be at LIB 2018.

Official Prediction

Florence + The Machine, The Killers and Childish Gambino. We will see on April 24th, 2018!

Who Do You Want At Life Is Beautiful 2018?

Those are just some of our guesses for Life Is Beautiful 2018 headliners. Obviously the possibilities are endless here so let us know who you are hoping for in Las Vegas at LIB 2018 in the comments below!


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