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The Life Is Beautiful 2017 Food Lineup Is Here

July 25, 2017, 11:11 a.m.
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Life Is Beautiful is quickly sneaking up on us now that is the end of September and now they have released their food lineup. If you've never been to Life Is Beautiful I'd say they spend a good amount of effort on making sure you are well fed all weekend long. You can see all the places that will be serving up treats for LIB 2017 above. Many of these are festival staples that have been present at SoCal music festivals such as Coachella or Arroyo Seco. As for personal recommendations, the first that comes to mind is Afters Ice Cresm. We had it at both Coachella and Arroyo Seco Weekend, and both times it did not disappoint. If you are a coffee snob like myself I would also recommend Grouchy John's Coffee, which as of now Life Is Beautiful has misspelled on their poster. Other treats I have personally tried are Project Poke, Milk Box (a must) and Little Fatty, all of which get the thumbs up from me. As I mentioned. Life Is Beautiful has better grub than most festivals so be sure to snag some while you are at the festival.

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