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  • Life Is Beautiful is located in Downtown Las Vegas, which is about 5 miles north of the famous Las Vegas Strip
  • I personally recommend just staying Downtown so you can walk to Life Is Beautiful, but if you want to stay on the Strip there are plenty of ways to still get to Life Is Beautiful
  • My personal option would be to just Uber to Life Is Beautiful, but you can also take a cab, bike, drive yourself or utilize The Deuce (public bus)

Anytime a music festival is in a major city it makes things a lot easier. Bonnaroo, for example, is out in the middle of no where in Tennesee, so getting there is full of traffic and a pain. Not Life Is Beautiful! Life Is Beautiful takes place in downtown Las Vegas, so it’s fairly easy to get to. This article goes over the location of Life Is Beautiful and how you can get there whether you or not you are staying in Downtown Vegas for Life Is Beautiful or not.

Life Is Beautiful Location

As I mentioned, Life Is Beautiful takes place in Downtown Las Vegas. Have no idea where that is because when you go to Vegas you stick to the Strip? You aren’t alone: I’m always surprised by how many people have never been to Downtown Vegas and have no idea where it is. Downtown Las Vegas is about 5 miles north of the Las Vegas Strip. You can actually just continue down Las Vegas Blvd past the shitty Stratosphere and eventually reach Downtown. Specifically, Life Is Beautiful takes up the area from 7th to 11th streets between Mesquite and Carson Avenue. This is a very centrally located area downtown.

Fremont Street Life Is Beautiful

What is Downtown Like for Life Is Beautiful?

Downtown Las Vegas, more commonly referred to as Fremont Street, is awesome! It’s like a mini-Strip with casinos, gambling, bars and all the same revelry of the Strip, just cheaper and trashier. Whenever I take friends down there for the first time they have a blast. There are plenty of great places to check out down there such as the Golden Nugget Casino and Gold Spike (local bar). If you want a full description on what Fremont Street is like check out our related article here.

Should I stay Downtown for Life Is Beautiful?

Probably. You definitely don’t have to, and I will go on to describe how you can get downtown easily below, but if you want the main purpose of your trip to be Life Is Beautiful staying downtown will be the best option. Life Is Beautiful is very centrally located downtown and if you stay at any hotel/casino near Fremont Street you will be able to just walk to Life Is Beautiful. At most, even if you book a hotel on the opposite side of Fremont, you are looking at a 15 minute walk or so tops. This will let you get to Life Is Beautiful early to see that obscure band, or get home quick at night if you went to HAM and need to yack. As I said, if you are going to Las Vegas for Life Is Beautiful and not for Vegas then I would suggest you stay downtown. This may seem like a silly thing to say but plenty of people want to go to Vegas to party and stop by Life Is Beautiful for a few acts here and there. If this is you continue reading, if it’s not book a hotel downtown for Life Is Beautiful and walk to the festival.

What if I want to stay on the Strip for Life Is Beautiful?

If you don’t go to Vegas often I can see why you would want to stay on the Strip: pool parties, endless nightlife, and general debauchery. This is also a nice option if you are just snagging single day passes to Life Is Beautiful. Anyways, staying on the Strip is always a fun time, and honestly getting to Life Is Beautiful isn’t too difficult from the Strip. I would recommend trying to stay on the north side of the Strip (Mandalay is at the South End, Stratosphere on the North End). This will put you closer to downtown and Life Is Beautiful, and thus cut down on your transportation fees. Anyways, here are your options for getting to Life Is Beautiful.

Getting to Life Is Beautiful Option #1 – Uber

I can’t believe I’m actually recommending Uber for a music festival: I usually lament the option for every other festival. However, no city handles crowds as well as Vegas. In recent years Las Vegas has joined us in the 2010’s and accepted Uber. If I was staying on the Strip and heading downtown for Life Is Beautiful this is how I would do it. You can split it among friends, and depending on where you are staying on the Strip, it won’t be too expensive. If you are on the north side of the Strip like I recommended (Venetian/Wynn/Treasure Island area) you will be looking at a $15ish Uber ride to Life Is Beautiful. If you ignored me and went on the South end (MGM / Mandalay / Luxor) it will be $25-$30 to Life Is Beautiful.

Getting to Life Is Beautiful Option #2– Taxis

Yes people still take these things, at least in Vegas. I actually don’t remember the last time I was in a cab when it wasn’t in Vegas. Anyways, these will have similar prices to Ubers to Life Is Beautiful, just slightly more expensive. Just remember in Vegas you can only catch a cab at the casino official pickups (usually out front), they won’t pick you up on the Strip.

 Deuce for Life Is Beautiful

Getting to Life Is Beautiful Option #3– The Deuce

What in God’s name is The Deuce? It’s the beloved bus that runs up and down the Las Vegas Strip and down to Fremont Street  downtown. If you are looking for the cheap way to get to Life Is Beautiful from the Strip this is it. The bus runs 24/7, as does everything in Las Vegas, and will take you from wherever you stay on the Strip to near Life Is Beautiful. You can get an all-day pass on The Deuce for $8 or even better a three-day pass for $20. If you are going to every day of Life Is Beautiful this is a great option, and you could use it as opposed to taxis to get around The Strip. It has a ton of stops along the Strip so you should be able to grab it anywhere. The downside is because The Deuce has so many stops on its way downtown it is a slow ride. From one end of the Strip to Downtown can take an hour. This is an option for my broke college readers (keep fighting the good fight!)

Getting to Life Is Beautiful Option #4– Driving

If you have a saint who’s not drinking or taking other performance enhancers this is definitely an option. Most of the casinos downtown still have free parking, although this seems to be changing rapidly unfortunately. You should still be able to find one and just walk over to Life Is Beautiful, so if you have a car this is definitely an option. You can also purchase a 3-day parking pass from Life Is Beautiful for $45. This will save you the pain of finding parking and guarantee you a spot. Essentially you drive to the World Market Center near Life Is Beautiful and take a shuttle from there to the LIB grounds. If money isn’t an issue I would get the Life Is Beautiful parking pass but if you are trying to save some dough it can be avoided.

Getting to Life Is Beautiful Option #5 – Biking

I don’t really recommend this if you are up on the Strip, but if you are somewhere downtown with an AirBNB or something this is an option. Life Is Beautiful is awesomely green by offering complimentary bike valet. It’s located across from the  the Life Is Beautiful Box Office on 6th and Carson. It’s not overnight valet so in your drunken stupidity don’t forget your bike! The hours for the bike valet are noon to 2 a.m. each day of Life Is Beautiful.


Life Is Beautiful is super easy to get to when compared to some other music festivals. If you stay downtown, which is a great option, you can just walk to Life Is Beautiful: doesn’t get much better than that. If you want to stay on the Strip it’s still fairly easy to get to Life Is Beautiful. I would honestly just opt for an Uber, especially if you are going to Life Is Beautiful with friends. It won’t be too expensive and you can drink all you want. There are plenty of options though, so just pick the one that is best for you!


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