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Use Event Track to find your hotel for CES: we have historical prices so you can see how much any hotel in the area has been in years past for CES, hotel reviews, info on how to get to CES from the hotel, and more!

Dates for CES

CES's official dates have it beginning on Jan. 9, 2018 and ending on Jan. 12, 2018. In general when we track hotel prices we add a day before the event start and a day after the event. For some events, like marathons we give an additional day before the event. For CES we track hotel prices for Jan. 8, 2018 - Jan. 13, 2018.

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CES is an industry only event that requires you to register. Currently the passes are priced at $100 a day. You can register at the official webpage for CES 2017 below.

CES Official Website