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Ultra 2019 Guide: Presale Dates, Lineup Announcements & More

March 26, 2018, 6:03 a.m.
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Ultra 2018 has sadly come to a conclusion. Swedish House Mafia reunited, Above & Beyond crushed it, and Miami was one giant party as usual. If you are feeling down today about it being a full year until Ultra 2019 then you are not alone. That said, it's never too early to begin planning your next Ultra adventure. This post will go over everything you need to know for Ultra 2019: when does the lineup come out? When does presale happen? What are Ultra's 2019 dates? The earlier you plan the more money you save with Ultra so let's get to it.

What are the dates for Ultra 2019?

Ultra is always held the final weekend of March, during the heart of Spring Break. This means that for Ultra 2019 the festival will take place on March 22nd to 24th. As always Ultra 2019 will take place in Bayfront Park in downtown Miami, FL.

When do tickets go on sale for Ultra 2019?

Here's the short version: there are two times for Ultra to snag tickets: presale and the general sale. Here's how each works:

Ultra 2019 Presale

Generally this occurs around late April to early May. Ultra will send out a notification via social media and email that the presale is going to happen next week and that you need to register. Essentially you register (for free) and this gives you access to the presale. If you don't register you can't log in and participate in the presale. The presale will then happen and if you registered you can login and purchase passes.

During the presale Tier 1 and Tier 2 tickets will be on sale, which are the cheapest passes for Ultra 2019. Last year Tier 1 passes were $274.95 and Tier 2 were $299.95. Both of these Tiers will sell out so if you want to get Ultra tickets on the cheap then be sure to watch out for the presale in late April or Early May.

Ultra 2019 General Sale

After the presale occurs Tier 1 and Tier 2 will be sold out and tickets will not be available for purchase until the general sale. In years past the general sale occurs in mid-September. So tickets first go on sale in May for the presale, and then they won't be available again until September. When tickets go back on sale in September it will be Tier 3 ($324.95) and Tier 4 ($349.95) tickets. Generally these tickets will eventually sell out but it will take months. For Ultra 2018 tickets did not sell out until February, a month before the festival. The advantage to purchasing early is getting tickets cheaper, but if you miss out on those you can wait for the lineup to come out to be sure you want to go to Ultra 2019.

When Does the Ultra 2019 Lineup come out?

Ultra releases its lineup in three different phases. The first phase, Phase 1, comes out in late September typically. For Ultra 2018 the Phase 1 iineup came out on September 26th, 2017. The next phase, Phase 2, comes out in February. In years past it had been earlier in February but for Ultra 2018 it came out on February 28th. The final phase comes out a week or so before Ultra actually takes place in March. Phase 1 is generally the biggest phase, releasing most of the headliners and the big acts. Phase 2 still gets some decent names, but most of the action is on Phase 1 if you are into the big names. 

Will Ultra 2019 sell out?

Probably, but not until February. If you are on the fence you can usually wait until around then and be safe. Ultra will send out warnings on social media if it is getting close to a sell out. Keep in mind though, the longer you wait to book the more expensive everything will get.

When should I book my Ultra hotel?

Right now. Literally go right now to our Hotels Section or Priceline and book it. Ultra is one of the busiest times of the year in Miami and things book up very quickly. It also is an incredibly expensive time with average hotels charging $400+ a night. As you wait to book hotels will fill up and get more expensive. If you are even considering Ultra 2019 I highly recommend at least booking a refundable hotel so you have something locked up. You can have this and still search around for a better deal, or just cancel it if you end up not being able to attend Ultra 2019.


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