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Is VIP for Coachella worth it? When do SXSW tickets go on sale? When does Lollapalooza's lineup come out? Event Track is your source of information for all your favorite festivals and events across the country, brought to you by travel enthusiasts who love attending as much as you do.

Hotel Price Tracking

Be sure you are snagging a great deal on a hotel, regardless of what event you are traveling at. We have historical hotel pricing, which lets you see how much your hotel was last year for the same event, when it sold out, how far it is from your event, and a lot of other useful info.

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Event Track is your source for the latest news for festivals and events. Whether it's a presale announcement, a lineup release or any other news be sure to hear about it first. Register and enroll in our newsletters that automatically deliver the news right to your inbox.

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